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For placements

GVS works together with different partner organizations worldwide. We are always open for new placements and curious to see how a cooperation could look like.

We would be happy to get to know you and your work!

Partnerorganisation Gemeinsam

Advantages for the Partner Organization

Requirements for a placement

Task profile for a placement

Stadt In Asien

What GVS offers as a sponsor

We take over:

Overall responsibility for the volunteer service
Communication with the Federal Ministry for Family and Civil Society
Financial management (including donations and subsidies)
Consultation of the placements
Application process in consultation with the placement
Preparation and follow-up of the volunteers through seminars
Supervision and support of the volunteers (from Germany)
Issuing of certificates
Crisis management
Advertising volunteer program

Financial Aspects

Costs are incurred at the placement for the mentor, work supervisor, accommodation and food.
Some of the costs are already covered by funding from the federal government (Ministry of Family Affairs) and the state of Baden-Württemberg (Ministry of Social Affairs). The remaining costs are carried by the volunteers.
Since the costs can vary due to different circumstances, we will be happy to provide you with more detailed information.

Verkaufsstand Asien

Pedagogical mentor

The pedagogical mentor should:

  • be familiar with the local culture
  • have an understanding about the cultural imprint of the volunteers
  • show a positive attitude towards short-term employees
  • be familiar with the activities of the volunteers
  • be able to invest time in mentoring
  • be able to communicate with the volunteers in a common language
  • provide monthly contact with the volunteers
  • be available in case of emergency
  • live near the place of work
  • confirm the values of the organization GVS

Work supervisor

Following apllies for the work supervisor:

  • Investment in young people should be a concern for them
  • Organisation of an orientation phase for the volunteers
  • Being a contact person in relation to the work during the entire period of assignment
  • There should be a common language level
  • They should stand behind the values of GVS