We are a Christian organization and state-recognized sponsor for voluntary services in Germany and abroad.
In cooperation with our partners, we offer various placements in different areas.

As a subsidiary of AEM, we represent the faith basis of the German Evangelical Alliance.
We thus work on the basis of the Christian image of faith and humanity in cooperation with our likewise Christian partner organizations and placements.

Crosswalk Asian City

Our heart

We work to see young people find their purpose and develop their potential in life. We want to see them learn about their own strengths and challenges, while also learning about others and expanding their own horizons in serving others.

We believe, that voluntary services can also improve career opportunities as a result.

We want to see our volunteers learn and get to know life in its different forms, with all its different values and cultural diversity, so that they develop a sensitive view on life and contribute to social change.
Our wish is that through their service, Gods love for everyone shines through them and is put into practicve, leaving a lasting mark.

We are very much looking forward to meet you!

GVS begleitung

Get to know the team:


As our administrative superwoman, she has been in contact with each and every one of our volunteers throughout their year. A genius for all things bureaucratic and our hotline. Her office often smells of fresh tea and you will surely find a snack there.


Head of GVS. He pulls all the strings, keeps an eye on the big picture and is happy to advise us as a team. He loves to sail and to travel (even to our placements).


Studied theology and social work and is a bank clerk. You will find her in the area of pedagogy, support in the financial area and recognition of new placements. She was in Namibia for a short-term assignment. She loves to accompany young people and to shape their time as a volunteer.


Studierte Theologie und Soziale Arbeit und hat eine Bankkauffrauausbildung. Ihr findet sie im Bereich Pädagogik, Betreuung der Inlandsfreiwilligen, Unterstützung Finanzbereich und Anerkennung neuer Einsatzstellen. Zu einem Kurzzeiteinsatz war sie mal in Namibia. Sie  liebt es junge Menschen zu begleiten und ihre Zeit als Freiwillige zu prägen.


Sozialarbeiterin und Sozialpädagogin. Betreut unsere Auslandsfreiwilligen und die Öffentlichkeitsarbeit. Fragt sie doch mal nach ihrem Freiwilligendienst als Teil eines ‚performing arts‘ Teams in Südafrika und Dtl.!  Jugendliche begleiten, wenn sie über den eigenen Tellerrand blicken, anderen dienen und damit ihr eigenen Abenteuer erleben, das liebt sie.


She is a social worker and in charge of our volunteers and public relations. She spend her own volunteer service as part of a performing arts team in South Africa and Germany!  She loves to support young people on their volunteer adventure and seeing them grow and serve others.


He is our financial maestro and takes care of all things related to money. He is a born networker, enjoys being outdoors and loves listening to gospel music.


She knows her way around the administration. She helps and supports us part-time where she can. She has a heart for young people and always brings a big dose of good humor to the office.

Do you have any questions, concerns, comments or just want to say hi?
Feel free to contact us!